Top-Rope Climbing is the most common style used at indoor climbing gyms. A climber attaches themselves to one end of a rope, which passes up over a bar at the top of the wall, and then down through a belay(safety) device, to a partner who spots the climber, (belayer).  As the climber ascends the wall, the belayer pulls the slack of the rope through the belay device, so if a climber were to let go, they would be held in place on the wall.  Top-Roping is the ideal way to start climbing for beginners, since it is psychologically easier and less physically demanding than lead climbing. 
          Lead Climbing is a climbing technique used to ascend a route where the climber attaches themselves to a length of dynamic (slightly stretchy) climbing rope and ascends while periodically attaching themselves to fixed protection on the face of the route,"Clipping-In". Lead climbing differs from Top-Roping in that the climber does not have an anchor point above them while climbing, but clips their rope onto the wall as they ascend.  This does give potential for larger falls and presents a greater mental challenge.  Generally a climber will have climbed many times on top-rope and needs to go through our certification classes before they progress to lead climbing. 
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NOTE::  Waivers are required before participating in any activity at Slidell Rocks.
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